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We are flexible with credit scores, override payment to income ratios and specialize in self-employed, small businesses, investors and ITIN loans.  What we look for is loan to value and ability to set borrowers up for successful repayment.  Our specialty is customizing financing based on your need.  We look at each deal uniquely and maximize the ability to provide quick and easy financing.

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Optimal Funding Solutions is a group of investors that act as an intermittent, local, lender that can quickly step in to secure funding.  Optimal can bridge the gap where traditional lending falls short.  The company was founded out of a need to serve good people with viable opportunities where traditional lending restraints had failed to accommodate their needs. Optimal Funding has a different approach analyzing more the overall proposal VS every check box criterion being met.

Helping good people with good opportunities.

I had a potential buyer for a commercial apartment building who had just relocated to our area from England.  He had not yet established US residency, but Optimal stepped and solved our immediate funding needs even with that residency problem.  I had an extremely happy customer and a big commission as a result.  


Realtor - Memphis

I didn’t realize how stressed I was about all of this, and last night I slept for 9 hours!!! I still can’t believe it. We feel like we are starting the new year in a perfect way and so excited to get this all finalized. Thank you for answering all our questions. You have been amazing to work with.



I cannot tell you how much I appreciate ALL that you are doing! 🙂 Thank you so much!!


Hot Springs

You Have Been Awesome To Work With!!! Thank You All For Everything You Have Done For Us!!!


Hot Springs